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Firms in all areas of transportation construction work, including highways and bridges, public transit, airports, railroads, ports, and waterways.

Staff Liaisons: Rich JulianoDr. Alison Premo Black

Planning & Design

Large and small private sector engineering firms engaged in the planning and design of transportation facilities.

Staff Liaison: Allison Klein

Transportation Officials 

Public transportation officials at all levels of government including federal, state, city and village, and county and rural.

Staff Liaison: Dr. Alison Premo Black

Material & Services

Professional firms and associations involved in the manufacturing, processing, and distribution or sales of non-safety related materials as well as firms that provide professional, technical, or promotional services to the transportation construction industry.

Staff LiaisonAllison Klein

Traffic Safety Industry

Companies involved in the design, manufacture, distribution, sale, and maintenance of equipment, devices, and materials that are used to enhance worker and motorist safety on roadways.

Staff Liaison: Brad Sant


Non-safety related manufacturers of heavy construction equipment.
Staff Liaison: Allison Klein


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